Lincoln Laboratory Hispanic/Latino Network (LLHLN)

HLN groupThe Lincoln Laboratory Hispanic/Latino Network (LLHLN) was founded by Laboratory employees to increase awareness of the growing Hispanic and Latino employee population. LLHLN is a Laboratory-Sponsored employee resource. Membership is open to all MIT Lincoln Laboratory employees and subcontractors. The group currently conducts regular lunch meetings and informal gatherings, and supports cultural and community outreach events in the Laboratory and surrounding areas.

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory Hispanic/Latino Network (LLHLN) strives to provide a social community for individuals that fosters awareness of the rich Hispanic culture and embraces both educational and professional development. LLHLN supports Lincoln Laboratory's continual effort to promote Diversity and Inclusion through cultural, technical, and educational outreach within our community.

HLN members

Activities and Events:

  • Professional Development
    • Collaboration with National Professional Societies
    • Technical and Diversity Seminars
    • Assisting Lincoln Laboratory efforts to recruit in national and regional events
  • Community Outreach
    • Supporting various MIT Lincoln Laboratory outreach events
  • Social and Cultural Awareness
    • Mes Latino Celebration (Hispanic Heritage Month)
    • Salsa Lessons
    • Mesa Española
    • Basketball at Hanscom Air Force Base
    • Informal gatherings

LLHLN is one of several employee resource groups at Lincoln Laboratory:

For more information, please contact LLHLN.


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