Lincoln Laboratory New Employee Network (LLNEN)

Photo of LLNEN members outside Lincoln LaboratoryThe Lincoln Laboratory New Employee Network (LLNEN) helps new employees transition from their previous environments to working at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
The group also provides a social network for new employees to improve quality of life both inside and outside the Lab. While the group's activities are primarily for new hires, any employee is welcome to join.

Photo of LLNEN kayak tripLLNEN primarily focuses on
  • Social networking
    through on- and
    off-site functions,
    events, and trips
  • Professional
    through on- and
    off-site tours,
    peer presentations,
    and informational sessions with staff and managers
  • Maintaining an informational wiki on the Laboratory's internal website in an effort to assist new hires in their transition to the Laboratory and local area by
    • Familiarizing new employees with Lincoln Laboratory's resources, policies, and facilities
    • Directing new employees to educational courses and resources
    • Providing information and tips on housing, neighborhoods, transportation, and local businesses
    • Keeping track of events coordinated by LLNEN and other employee resource groups
    • Encouraging staff to be more involved in community service through outreach programs

LLNEN sponsors a monthly "meet and greet" luncheon at the Laboratory cafeteria for recent hires, so they can meet other new employees and learn about the social and professional networking opportunities available at Lincoln Laboratory.

Recent College Grads group of LLNEN

The Recent College Graduate (RCG) subgroup of LLNEN focuses on the special concerns of new hires who have just graduated from college. The group's goals are to
  • Provide a way for recent college graduates to meet, talk, and connect with other people in similar life situations
  • Provide a forum through which recent college graduates can have access to resources and ask questions about their new lives both inside and outside of MIT Lincoln Laboratory
The group holds monthly brown bag lunches, with guest speakers every other month. Previous speakers have covered a variety of topics, including
  • Military 101
  • Designing Your Financial Roadmap
  • Recruiting and the Community Outreach Program
  • A Dozen Pieces of Advice for New Employees
  • What Were Lincoln Laboratory and Technology like in 1964?

LLNEN is one of several employee resource groups at Lincoln Laboratory:

For more information, please contact LLNEN.

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