Lincoln Laboratory Women's Network (LLWN)

The Lincoln Laboratory Women's Network (LLWN), founded in 2008, supports the recruitment, retention, and achievement of the Laboratory's women employees. Major goals and objectives of LLWN include engaging and mentoring women employees at all stages of their careers, encouraging participation in recruiting women, and aiding in the creation of a productive, supportive work environment for women.

SOS hosted by LLTWN

Activities and Events include

  • Monthly new hire lunches
  • Division technical briefings
  • Guest speakers
  • Annual Summerfest
  • Outreach activities such as Habitat for Humanity and Science on Saturday
  • Lunchtime discussions on work/life balance, graduate education, Lincoln Laboratory career paths
      • Susan Cain on "The Power of Introverts"
      • "Food for Thought" Series
      • Amy Cuddy on "How Body Language Shapes Who You Are"
      • Sheryl Sandberg on "Having More Women Leaders"

      • MIT Excellence Award Recipient,

        "This team has kept diversity on the front burner at the director's office in a positive way, maximizing the Laboratory's strengths."
        LLTWN Excellence Award

LLWN is one of several employee resource groups at Lincoln Laboratory

For more information, please contact LLWN.


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