Professional Development

MIT Lincoln Laboratory's commitment to the professional development of its staff is founded on the recognition that the Laboratory’s extensive research and development contributions are made possible through the staff’s continuing excellence and accomplishments.

Mini-Micro UAV classroomTechnical staff participating in the Mini-Micro UAV Course, one of the offerings in the Laboratory's Technical Awareness Series

The Laboratory encourages its staff to pursue advanced degrees and continuing education. The tuition assistance program provides support for educational endeavors at MIT or other schools in the Boston area.

The Graduate Education Program fosters staff participation in a number of initiatives.

  • The Lincoln Scholars Program, for which staff are eligible to apply, enables the pursuit of advanced degrees on a full-time basis.
  • Distance learning programs with Carnegie Mellon University and Pennsylvania State University make it possible for technical staff to complete master's degrees in information technology while continuing to work full time at the Laboratory.

Our in-house education program offers courses in technical subjects such as electro-optics, one-day technical seminars, classes in software applications and systems, and workshops in leadership and business skills.  

Support for professional activities is strong. The Laboratory encourages staff to publish in technical journals, attend conferences, and participate in activities of their professional societies. In addition, interdisciplinary projects and the diversity of work allow individuals opportunities to follow new interests and grow professionally.

The library at Lincoln Laboratory provides complete information services to facilitate the staff's research. It offers a highly focused collection of technical books, reports, and electronic journals and databases in all Laboratory technology areas. Information specialists with degrees in physics, mathematics, aerospace engineering, and computer science are available to provide training and research support.


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