Work-Life Balance

MIT Lincoln Laboratory recognizes that a balance between work and personal life is essential for employees' well being. The Laboratory offers a number of services to assist employees in maintaining such a balance, as well as offering flexible work schedules, part-time employment, and telecommuting opportunities.

Child Care

Child in playground at Children's CenterThe Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center in Lexington is just 1.3 miles from the Laboratory and provides developmentally based infant, toddler, and preschool programs for children from 8 weeks to 5–6 years old. Technology Childcare Centers are managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions and overseen by the MIT Work-Life Center.

Health and Wellness Center

Exercise class at the Fitness CenterThe Health and Wellness Center houses a medical facility operated by MIT Medical and a fitness center. The medical center offers primary care services for members of the MIT Health Plan and brief medical assistance for employees. The Fitness Center, which all employees are eligible to join, is run by the MIT Athletic Department; it features weight training facilities, a free-weight area, and a variety of cardiovascular equipment, including treadmills, steppers, and lifecycles. The Fitness Center also offers classes in such areas as aerobics, weight training, and yoga.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups help foster an environment of inclusion, facilitate employees' engagement in community outreach projects, and offer social activities.

Lincoln Laboratory New Employees Network (LLNEN)

LLNEN helps new employees transition into the Laboratory and the local area, and provides support to new employees through social and professional networking.

Lincoln Laboratory Women's Network (LLWN)

LLWN is a forum for women staff to share experiences and resources. LLWN's goals are to promote the professional development and achievement of women employees at all stages of their careers.

Lincoln Laboratory Hispanic/Latino Network (LLHLN)

LLHLN enhances awareness of the Hispanic culture, supports employees' professional development, and promotes members' participation in outreach activities.

Lincoln Laboratory Veterans' Network (LLVETS)

LLVETS provides support to veterans transitioning directly from the military, engages in outreach to local active-duty troops and veterans, and works to create a network that informs members of activities and legislation affecting veterans. 

Lincoln Employees' African American Network (LEAN)

LEAN was established to help the Laboratory promote the recruitment of top African American candidates, provide support for the professional development of African American employees, and foster an environment of inclusion.

Out Professional Employee Network (OPEN)

OPEN provides a forum for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community at Lincoln Laboratory. OPEN strives to make Lincoln Laboratory an environment in which LGBT employees can thrive and feel comfortable. 

Lincoln Employees with Disabilities Network (LED)
The LED group supports employees with disabilities as well as creates a work environment that is accessible to and inclusive of all. Additionally, the group is dedicated to supporting employees who have family members with disabilities.

Lincoln Laboratory Pan Asian Laboratory Staff Network (PALs)
The PALs group builds awareness of the variety of Asian cultures present here at the Laboratory, offering opportunities to congregate and share experiences, and fostering professional development.

MIT Activities Committee (MITAC) 

MITAC promotes the enjoyment of Boston area cultural and recreational activities by offering opportunities for or discount tickets to everything from hayrides to NYC shopping sprees to ski getaways as well as various sporting events (Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics games), exhibitions (flower shows, car and boat shows), theater, music, and other popular events.

The Ombudspersons Program

The Lincoln Laboratory ombudspersons are employees who have been appointed by the Director to help resolve employee concerns. Ombudspersons provide informal, impartial assistance that may facilitate fair and equitable resolutions of problems or disputes. Ombudspersons do not represent anyone; they act as neutral parties and respect the rights of privacy of individuals they are helping.

Commuter Services

Lincoln Laboratory encourages sharing transportation to work and using public transportation through several programs that offer employees assistance with commuting:

  • Vanpool program
  • Carpool program
  • Hitch-a-Ride Matching Service
  • Rideshare program
  • Guaranteed Ride Home program
  • MBTA Pass program

Brown Bag Seminars

The Human Resources Department at Lincoln Laboratory offers a wide range of informational seminars. Held about once a month and called Brown Bag Seminars because they are advertised as "bring your lunch" events, the seminars are presented by community experts on topics such as parenting, communication, elder care, and managing finances.

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